About me…

A real Tudor rose in our garden

Good Morrow to you!

Welcome Tudor friend, please make yourself at home and take a look around. Pour yourself  a drink and get cosy. We are about to take a journey into the 16th century.

I am a wife and mum of two teens and I have been happily married for twenty years. I am not a scholar and I don’t have a PHD in history. What I do have is enthusiasm and that has allowed me to speak to experts face to face, take part in wonderful recreations and see amazing historic sites. My book shelves groan a little more each year as I study biographies and volumes about Tudor life. I love Tudor fiction too with all the rivalry, jealousy, intrigue and hiding in priest holes.

Most of the photographs on this site have either been taken by me or they are in the public domain.

Unfortunately, my family are now bored silly by history. There is always a synchronised groan in our house if there is a Tudor documentary on TV or worse a costume drama. I am sure the French have heard the wailing and screaming from the other side of the English channel!

My long suffering family have been ‘dragged’, with great distress and tremendous bravery, around Tudor sites and castles for many years. All because of my ‘endless’, ‘dull’ and ‘Coma inducing,’ passion for ‘All Things Tudor.’

I take up ‘their’ bandwidth, ‘their’ television and ‘their’ kitchen radio with little thought for their, ‘need’ to watch: ‘The Grand Tour’ or to put Kiss FM on the radio.


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These long suffering martyrs to Tudor history have been paid in cakes, pub lunches and tea. With broken hearts, bored minds and empty wallets they have endured it all. And I thank them… Until the next visit: ‘Oh okay, I will go with someone else!’

Welcome to Every Thing Tudor Blog…

Goodwife Nicola Harris x


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