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The astronomer with the silver nose: Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe was a Danish nobleman and the most skilful astronomer of the sixteenth century. He was paid by King Frederick II of Denmark to observe the heavens from his underground observatory with the naked eye. It would be thirty years until the telescope would be invented.

Tacho before and after his life changing injuries

Tycho watched the movements of the planets more precisely than anyone in Europe had done before him. His discoveries were astonishing and dangerous  because in the sixteenth century it was commonly believed that the universe had not changed since the beginning of time. To believe otherwise could lead to charges of heresy for which the punishment was often death.

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‟Loving of my Husband“: Jane and Guildford Dudley — All Things Robert Dudley

She detested Guilford – he was indeed a spoilt, conceited and disagreeable young man – and she told her father that she would not marry him. Her obedience was forced by a beating, and … Guilford made no secret of his dislike for his bride.1 Although expressing a widely held view, this description of the […]

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