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Lets play the ‘Tudor movie dream team…’

If  you could choose just one actor to play Henry and just one to play Anne Boleyn who would they be. You can choose whoever you want for your Tudor movie dream team…


I find very difficult to choose Anne. I love Emily Blunt, Natalie Dormer and so many other wonderful actresses. Some of the women above have played other Tudors but this is our dream team and we can have anyone. Maybe you have other actresses in your dream team who I have missed or not thought of? And now to choose a Henry…




I love Tudor history and my bookshelves seem to groan a bit more every year...

3 thoughts on “Lets play the ‘Tudor movie dream team…’

    1. Ray Winstone was the first actor to play Henry who I found menacing. He was like a gangster and for the first time I could see what might have attracted women to the real Henry. All that absolute power and manliness. A bit like the strange way many women are attracted to DCI Gene Hunt the fictional character in BBC One’s drama Life on Mars and its sequel, Ashes to Ashes.


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