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Tudor doll’s house gift for the Queen and Free 90th birthday children’s Printables!

With it’s flushing lavatories, running hot and cold water and electric power  Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, has to be the largest, most beautiful and most famous dolls’ house in the world. So what made the Queen Mother, purchase a modest Tudor doll’s house as a gift for (the then) Princesses Elizabeth instead?

The modest mock Tudor house bought for the Queen. Pictures from the Royal collection.

The little Tudor doll’s house was made by Florence Palmer for a Women’s Institute competition.  This doll’s’ house may well have been a birthday gift for the Queen when she was a young princess. If so then it is a very simple house for a young Royal to play with compared to the magnificent doll’s house which is still on display at Windsor castle. Queen Mary’s doll’s house has a complete set of tiny crown jewels, a pair of little throne chairs and a miniature model of a mouse made by Faberge. The Dolls’ House even has a library which is full of 700 tiny original books. These include, the Bible, the Koran and the complete works of Shakespeare. It has a garden, Royce cars and a fully stocked wine cellar. The Queen maybe one of the richest women in the world but she has never been someone who shows off and this maybe because of her modest upbringing and the simple way her parents raised her. Queen Mary’s’ dolls house was intended to be shown at the Empire Exhibition in 1924 and was a show-case for British workmanship. Like the rest of us the Queen probably has only ever dreamt of playing with it. I think at 90 she deserves to play! Happy 90th Your Majesty!

Links to Free printables for the Queen’s 90th birthday:

Elizabeth II Mask:

Colour in the Crown Jewels:

Windsor Castle:

Queen’s birthday card:

Queen’s coronation sheet:

Westminster Abbey:

Photographer: David Cripps
Queen Mary’s dolls house on display at Windsor Castle: Photographer: David Cripps






I love Tudor history and my bookshelves seem to groan a bit more every year...

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