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Lucy Worsley’s new book…

Lucy Worsley is the popular Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces. She is also an author and a British television star. Lucy read Ancient and Modern History at New College, Oxford and graduated in 1995. Attaining a first class degree she went on to get a doctorate. As well as being an  academic Lucy has a great sense of fun. Continue reading “Lucy Worsley’s new book…”

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Free Tudor costume game

I love this free game and have spent too many hours playing  it because I find it fun and addictive. Its simple to use. The fleur-de-lis at the bottom helps you to navigate the wardrobe and you just follow the instructions. The game is based on Showtime television series The Tudors and so has sets and costumes from the programme but it’s suitable for children and I suspect would keep them happy for many hours. I get no royalties from affiliate links I write this blog for pleasure so please enjoy…


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Framlingham: Ed Sheeran’s home town!

Ed singing in his hometown: The church and Castle can clearly be seen in this video!

The church and tombs:

Saint Michael’s church, in Framlingham, Suffolk, has the tombs of Henry Fitzroy Duke of Richmond (who was the illegitimate son of Henry VIII) Thomas Howard 3rd Duke of Norfolk. (Anne Boleyn’s infamous uncle.) his 1st wife and his heir Henry Earl of Surrey. Surrey was executed on Tower Hill on 19th January 1547 and surprisingly, for a executed traitor, has a wonderful tomb. Continue reading “Framlingham: Ed Sheeran’s home town!”

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Henry Fitzroy, Henry VIII’s natural son.

Henry VIII had been married for nine years when he began his affair with 18 year old Elizabeth Blount. She was a maid of honour in Queen Katherine of Aragon’s household. Bessie had the reputation of being very beautiful much more so than Henry’s second wife Anne Boleyn. After giving birth to the King’s son she  was married to Gilbert  Tailboy’s, 1st Baron of Kyme and the king provided the newlyweds with a manor in Warwickshire.

Bessie is on the far left.

Henry openly  acknowledged his son by giving him name Fitzroy. Which is a surname sometimes given to illegitimate children of English kings. Continue reading “Henry Fitzroy, Henry VIII’s natural son.”